WDP/data - About K. Jeffery Petersen

Hi. If you're reading this, I assume that you want to know more about me. Either that or you're extremely bored. If it's the first case, I hope I won't bore you too much. If it's the second, I hope I can either entertain you or help you towards a quick nap. ^_^;

I was born Kjell Jeffery Petersen on March 12, 1977 at Travis AFB in California. Since my first name is usually mispronounced, I tend to go by my middle name "Jeff". More recently, I've gone as K. Jeffery Petersen for just about anything official.

Online I'm known as Damien Roc. People who have met me in RL have wondered what to call me (Damien or Jeff or whatever.) I really don't care.

I grew up in a military family, so I moved around quite a bit. From California I moved to Texas. From Texas to Montana. Then to California again. Then England (near Oxford.) Then to another part of England (near Cambridge.) Then to Washington State, where I have lived since, except for a short stint in Arizona.

I recently finished up my coursework for a BA in History at the University of Washington. RIGHT now I am unemployed, but I hope to rectify that in the near future. Mostly because I'm still living with my parents, which is quite annoying in a lot of ways. (Embarassing, too, if I really stopped to think about it, but I know enough people like me in this regard to not be bothered by it.)

What I'd really like to do with my life is write full time. Failing that, I'd like a job which isn't so much of a drain that I can't write a bit.

Granted, I've got this huge procrastination problem, and haven't got much of anything written in the past year. I hope to rectify that problem in the very near future, though.

My interests include most of the typical "fandom" subjects; mostly anime and science fiction, but I also read some comics, play RPGs, and - most recently - have started playing console video games (as a sorta victory prize for finishing my coursework, I bought myself a Dreamcast.)

I suppose I'll add to this as things come to me.