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The Impro Archive is a site dedicated to storehousing the works from various improvisation fanfiction sites that have not been able to sustain interest and so, for various reasons, have been pulled from the regular rotation. Rather than let these fics die and disappear forever, this site has been created so that they (and any future stories) may live on, hopefully forever.

However, do not assume that this site is a place for stagnant stories that nobody wants. You may consider it a library of sorts, but with a twist. Anyone can add on to the stories located here if they so choose. The process is simple: mail the archivist with the part you want to submit, with the title of the series you are submitting for in your subject line. Parts are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptable format for parts is plain-text ASCII only.

For the time being, the series are going to be stored in a straight archive format, without individual HTML pages. All parts are listed numerically, so navigating through them should not be a problem. However, if there are difficulties, please e-mail me. I will be working to add HTML pages to the individual sites as time permits.

And now, onto the fics

Hosted on this site
Alex Reiji
Originally hosted on Improfanfic
High High
Originally hosted on Syrian Stories
BGC: Fear
Originally hosted on Improfanfic
Lungfish Alpha
Originally hosted on Indie Madnesse
Originally hosted on Syrian Stories
Nut Punch Kamen
Originally hosted on Syrian Stories
Hentai Hunter Gaia
Originally hosted on Syrian Stories
  West Eastwood High
Originally hosted on Indie Madnesse

Hosted elsewhere (The following fics are finished or near finished, but in the spirit of a true archivist, I feel that they should be linked to here.)

The Improfanfic Hall of Fame
Currently archiving twelve series

The Indie Madnesse Hall of Fame & Infamy
Currently archiving six series

Slayers Virtual
Currently the archive of the first completed solo impro

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