WDP/projects - writing and such

Welcome to the page of my writing. This is by no means a complete collection of everything I've written. There are some stories that were on my old webpage that aren't going to be up here. The reason being is that I would like to get published someday, and these stories are the ones I would like to see get published with a bit of work. I don't need old versions cluttering up the minds of the audience.

A lot of the work that I've done in the past few years has been for Improfanfic and related sites. For those who don't know, Impros are written by a number of authors. Each week or so, a new part comes out by a new author (at least in theory.) For a while I was quite productive in this regard.

On Improfanfic, I have written parts for H! flash, Heart Heart High, Slayers Glorious, Suikoden: Distant Shores, Otaku Wish Fulfillment Theatre, Magical Girl Hunters, Furniture Warriors, and Wings of Fate.

On Working Title Fiction I have written parts for Dogfighter Gospel, including co-writing the starter. On Beware the Radish, I wrote a chapter for Nightmare Fighter Yumeko. And I have written a few chapters for the mother of all Impros, Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation Ultra.

At some point, I'll probably add some comments about each of the series I've written for.

I also run the Impro Archive, a repository for dead Impros which no longer have a home.

Impro aside, the largest writing project I've ever done is what I tend to refer to as "my Battletech novel." This is mostly because I never bothered to come up with a title for it. I somewhat arbitraily chose "Razor's Edge" for it a few years ago. I wrote it back in '96 over the course of about eight months, starting when I was a freshman at Pacific Lutheran University and ending on a trip with my grandparents over the summer.

Overall, it was probably most educational single writing experience I had. It's not a great story, but I do feel that I matured a lot as a writer as it developed. While I certainly wouldn't want something like this published with my name on it, I am somewhat nostalgic for the enthusiasm I had for writing it. Since I have yet to even come close to writing something of this size, it probably feels a lot better than it really is.

Be that as it may, here's the entire thing in .zip format. At some point, I may put up the entire thing chapter by chapter with its own page.

I suppose that, in a sense, the BTech novel is a piece of fanfiction, even though all the characters are original. I have also written some anime fanfiction.

This is an ongoing Oh, My Goddess!/Ah Megami-sama! fanfic that I started writing back in May of 2001. While I was quite exited about it at first, eventually other concerns took precedence, and the pace of writing died off. However, I'm not going to let it die!

I'm currently at work on part 1.2, and it'll be posted in my LiveJournal after I get done with it, and here soon afterwards.

Gonna Feel it in the Morning
My first anime fanfic, a Ranma 1/2 lemon. It also stands as my only true Ranmafic and only lemon. Not much story, more of a joke/spamfic.

Gunsmith Pigs
Speading of spamfics, here's another little joke piece I wrote.

River of Dreams
A stream of consciousness Evangelion fanfic I wrote. It's more of a character exploration than an actual story. I'm not sure if the format has much merit as a fanfic, but I think it captured a sense of the series well.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
An introductory piece for my original GRIT (Global Ranma Insanity Thread) character, Stackpole Terranson. Though he's no longer in use, this still stands as a GRITfic more than a fanfic, I think. Or you can take it as a Self Insert.

These next ones were all done for various creative writing classes I've taken.
In a way, this is a fanfic... and a self insert. But in a way it's not.

Not much to say about this. More of an action scene than anything else.

The Engineer
This is one of a number of standalone vignettes I wrote that all tell a part of the same overarcing story. All told, they're part of an Anime Tangent universe I wrote. In this case I took the title "Tenchi Muyou" and wrote something totally new for it.

The Messenger
Another of the Tenchi Muyou tangent pieces.

The Warrior
And another.

The End
Another one. This might be an epilogue... I'm not sure.

The Teacher
Ah, yes. While this is another of the TM Tangent pieces, it stands alone and apart from the others. I feel that this is the best single piece I've ever written. If I were to rewrite it, there's only one line that I would change significantly.

Science fiction. The end of someone's war.

Road Sign
The assignment was to write setting with no characters. Someone asked a question about story, and my teacher said it wouldn't be easy to write a story with no characters. I couldn't resist the challenge. Not sure if I succeeded, though.

I'm still not sure what this story is. It could be a wishful fantasy, but I'm not sure what for. It seems quite surreal, now.

Youth and Skill
There's an adage that goes something like "Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time." The concept never let go. This is my first attempt to put it on paper. (Probably not the last.)

Comfort Car
This was written more recently. Fairly autobiographical.

Firing Pin
Another more recent story. This is tangentally related to a story concept I've been playing around with for a few years now called "Porcelain Dolls".

And another more recent story. I've found that while many of my creative writing classes required me to write short pieces, the vignette-style story is quite interesting to try and write. How much story can you cram into a page or two? How much can you leave the reader to fill in?

Dawn Mission
And the last of these more recent stories. The ending of this one feels too trite for my tastes. In general the older vignettes were written in between 1997 and 1999, while these newer ones were written in 2001.

These are a few poems I've written. I'm not a poet, though. I don't "get" poetry, and have since decided that it's best for me not to inflict it upon the world. Even so, these are some of the better ones I did.